Volumio UX Research Project

What you want to find in next Volumio release?

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Volumio UX Research Project

Postby Jessh » Mon Dec 24 2018 19:27


New user, very impressed with volumio.

> What is your current setup (pi1-3, udoo, single/multiple devices, fully hardware device with buttons, touchscreen control, remote webui or mobile, etc)

Currently - Original Pi (256MB & no holes in PCB) some cheap USB device with optical out (48KHz max).
Planned - Pi 3+ Allo DigiOne

Web UI and Android app on tablet.

> What are your needs for music discovery (how big is your library, how do you search, do you use/build playlists, do you use streaming/other services, etc),

NAS using DNLA (smb wouldn't work). Currently have a couple of hundred albums loaded.

I also use web radio a lot (1 web radio channel & 1 shoutcast channel at present) Also occasional youtube addon use

> What are your needs for music Playback (what are you doing while listening, what info is important to see, etc.)

Sometimes it's running while I'm using the PC, sometimes I'm only listening (Android app)

> How do you maintain and share your music (how do you manage your library, how many do you have, how do you share it, ...).

Files ripped with asunder and added to NAS.

I usually search play by album.

> For last, I would also like to suggest features you would like to see and especially those you frequently use on other players/platforms, considerations you deem important or specific worries you might have.
If you have concrete examples and links those are useful too.

I would like the ability to add items to the main browse page. e.g. albums folder of my NAS, radio stations.

I would also like it if the play screen artwork display used available album or artist art when it isn't embedded in the file.

And similarly if album artwork is missing, use embedded art or artist.

Also automatic pause on incoming calls, when using the android tablet (it's a phone too) and the ability to play songs on the android device.

A sorting option showing all albums sorted by artist then by name in one level would be nice too.

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Sunday DIYer
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Ads helps Volumio remain Free and Open Source. Please consider donating to help us continue to serve you.

Volumio UX Research Project

Postby arktic » Sat May 16 2020 20:52

Just a quick UX problem, at PC when you hoover over for example album, dynamic symbol with play and more options will appear, however, in mobile view hoover is not supporter, so imho, icos shout be visible all the time... its hard to ques where to hit :) even harder with black background

edit.: my mobile is IOS based and i use home screen placed shortcut to open it in safari (its faster than app), and as the official app is hybrid its same problem there... (Tile view in albums, artists etc, is the problem... in list view those dots are perfectly visible ;) )

edit2.: myvolumio.org... when connecting remotely, UX design is still the old one :) perfectly functional, but old one... its brings old memories :D but it confusing once you are using new one :)
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