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Volumio 2 Plugins Collection

PostPosted: Sat Aug 04 2018 20:04
by lostmyshape

Plugin to play over 1,500 live Phish audience recordings from Plugin uses the API v1. and the Volumio music service plugin complies with Phish's official taping policy as described at

  • Find show by year
  • Find show by tour
  • Play shows on today's date
  • Play random show

Author: Noah McGee (lostmyshape)

Tested on Pi 3b+ but no extra installs so should be fine on any device.

Pull request submitted to install through Volumio; but currently install through zip on GitHub project page.

Status: stable

GitHub project:

Volumio 2 Plugins Collection

PostPosted: Wed Oct 03 2018 11:32
by foobarjo

Plugin that allows any subsonic API (<1.13.0) capable server ( subsonic / airsonic / etc..) to be used as backend for Volumio.

Main menu provide:
  • Randoms albums
  • Newest albums
  • Genres
  • Artists
  • Playlists
  • Podcasts

Albums special feature
  • LastFM infos when available

Artists Specials Features:
  • LastFM infos when available
  • Radio mode: generate a playlist of similar tracks present on the backend
  • Top songs as defined on lastFM
  • Links to similar artists present on the backend

Raspberry Pi; tested on 3. It should be platform agnostic though.

Author: foobarjo

Status: released


Volumio 2 Plugins Collection

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09 2019 20:52
by truckershitch
Pandora Plugin

Plugin that connects to the Pandora service.

Users can listen to their existing Pandora stations. Users can skip tracks they don't like.
Thumbs up / Thumbs down is currently not supported. If elements can be added somehow to the GUI, this may change in the future.
Cover art and song information is displayed in the playback window.

The code is currently available here. Instructions for installation are on that page.

A pull request has been made and has been awaiting approval for a few months now. I think it's ready for production, but of course that's not up to me.

The plugin is powered by the Anesidora Node JS library (uses the Unofficial Pandora API).

@lostmyshape helped me with coding suggestions, and @srhamil added a fix that helps with an intermittent connectivity issue.

Thanks to the Volumio developers for making the project open and allowing for outside developers like myself to join in. I have learned a lot about Javascript and Node JS while doing this project. I hope to try another plugin in the future.

You can reach me here on the forum, my username is truckershitch. All messages are welcome. I will try to answer them in a timely fashion. For some reason, I do not get instant notifications when I get a message or on the forums, so I have to check manually.